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  Legal News - Private Clients  
  NOVEMBER 2020  

CCA covid19 newsletter 06

  Rights of Foreign Citizens with Pending
Proceedings Before SEF and New
Procedures for Students

  Dear Visitante,

Due to the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 and following the declaration of a National State of Emergency, and to guarantee the rights of all foreign citizens with pending proceedings at SEF, Order no. 10944/2020 was published on 8.11.2020, under which it was determined that foreign citizens are considered to have their situation in Portugal regularized if they made the following requests:

a) Expression of Interest before SEF if holders of the respective proof;

b) Appointment at SEF if holders of proof of appointment or receipt of proof of pending proceedings at SEF, whether concession or renewal of residence permit.

It should be added that the documents listed above are considered valid before all public services, including for the following services:

a) Obtaining the health beneficiary number;

b) Access to the National Health Service and other health care rights;

c) Access to social support benefits;

d) Enter into a lease agreement;

e) Enter into a work contract;

f) Opening of bank accounts; and

g) Contracting of essential public services.

It should be noted that SEF also extends the possibility of automatic renewal of residence permits for higher education and secondary school students in order to avoid the travel and the face to face appointment at SEF.


Carla Matos
Partner of the Private Clients Department

Ana Paula Ferreira FC  
Ana Paula Ferreira
Managing Associate of the Private Clients Department

Ana Margarida Agostinho FC  
Ana Margarida Agostinho
Associate of the Private Clients Department

Joana Assuncao FC  
Joana Assunção
Associate of the Private Clients Department

Mariana Saude FC NET copy  
Mariana Saúde
Associate of the Private Clients Department