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  Legal News - Private Clients  
  NOVEMBER 2020  

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  Dear Visitante,

UK citizens who are living in Portugal, or who intend to remain in Portugal after the end of the year and are not yet registered, have until December 31st, 2020 (the date when the Brexit transition period ends) to request a European Union Citizen Certificate before the Town Hall (Câmara Municipal).

This certificate is considered a Portuguese residence permit valid for 5 years and allows you to live and work in Portugal during this time.

After 5 years of being registered before the Town Hall and obtaining the European Union Citizen Certificate, UK citizens are allowed to apply for a Permanent Residence in Portugal or Portuguese Citizenship, if certain requirements are met.

The documents to obtain the European Union Citizen Certificate depends on the competent Town Hall, however usually, at least the following steps must be taken:

1. Obtain a Portuguese Taxpayer Number;

2. Find an address in Portugal - Deed or Lease Agreement;

3. Open a Portuguese Bank account.

Please contact CCA Law Firm if you intend to proceed to request your European Union Citizen Certificate.


Carla Matos
Partner of the Private Clients Department

Ana Paula Ferreira FC  
Ana Paula Ferreira
Managing Associate of the Private Clients Department

Ana Margarida Agostinho FC  
Ana Margarida Agostinho
Associate of the Private Clients Department

Joana Assuncao FC  
Joana Assunção
Associate of the Private Clients Department

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Mariana Saúde
Associate of the Private Clients Department